SiC SBD-P3D06002T2

Silicon carbide (SiC) belongs to the third generation of semiconductors, PNJ unique SiC Schottky diode structure compared to the traditional Si Schottky diode has a higher withstand voltage level and lower leakage current, greatly improving system efficiency, especially suitable for working under high voltage and high frequency conditions, PNJ provides a variety of packags to adapt to different applications.


AECQ-101 compliant | 100% UIS testing | minimal reverse recovery losses | excellent high temperature characteristics


Excellent performance | reduce system volume | improve overall efficiency | reduce heat dissipation area | Automotive grade devices | reduce system cost | reduce electromagnetic interference


gfnbq,Energy storage system,PD Charger

Sample application

P3D06002T2 · TO220-2 · 650V · 2A · 3.9nC · 16A · 1.5V · 23A